Sam's First Kiss

Austin Ames is the most popular boy in Sam's school and is the Prince Charming character in the movie. He was the football captain, but he didn't want to play football. He wanted to be a writer. Austin was dating Shelby Cummings but he doesn't like her at all. He and Sam were online buddies and were unaware of whom they were chatting with. He goes as Prince Charming at the Halloween Homecoming dance, where he meets a masked Sam. They get to know each other and share a romantic dance. Before he can unmask Sam, the alarm on her cellphone goes off and she leaves. Austin and Sam are named Homecoming Prince and Princess but Sam leaves the dance in order to get back at the diner before midnight and Austin finds the only clue she left behind: her cellphone. His father Andy Ames wanted him to play football and go to college to his old school much to Austin's unhappiness and annoyance. Austin was employed at his father's car wash. When Shelby and Sam's stepsisters humiliate her in front of the school, he was hurt by Sam's secrecy and is also humiliated by the trio reading their emails but he doesn't stand up to defend Sam. When Sam leaves feeling humiliated, Austin notices and he, along the teachers, regret not helping her. He tries to apologize but couldn't find the words to say. When Sam confronts him in the locker room, he really feels ashamed for what happened to her but is surprised to see her at the homecoming game. When she makes her way out of the stands, he notices that he's losing his chance to truly be with Sam. In the end, Austin finally went against Andy and kissed Sam in the rain much to Shelby and the stepsisters' dismay. Then Austin returns Sam's cellphone and they went to Princeton together. And lived happily ever after

He is portrayed by Chad Michael Murray


Austin is strong but inside. Andy wants him to do stuff he likes. Austin can be a coward until Sam was about to leave the crowd. Finally he stood up for himself and went against his father. All this time he really loved Sam, not Shelby or Sam's stepsisters. He is much more geeky than the characters think.

Likes/Dislikes Edit


  • Sam Montgomery
  • Writing
  • Telling Sam his feelings (even though he didn't really know it was her)
  • Football (Although he doesn't want the UFC scholarship)


  • Sam's stepsisters
  • The way Shelby and Sam's stepsisters humiliated Sam
  • Shelby Cummings
  • Being manipulated by Shelby
  • His father stubbornness
  • Being told what to do

Romances Edit

Sam Montgomery [ Girlfriend ]

Shelby Cummings [ Ex - Girlfriend ]